Winter Cultural Highlights

Italian Food and Books — Max’s family came to school today to highlight some of Max’s family culture. They brought cooked gnocchi for the children to try, because Max’s grandmother is Italian. They sometimes make pasta at home. Max’s dad also read “Strega Nona” to the class. The children looked at the pictures and pointed at the book. Thank you for sharing!!

South Africa — Adrian’s Winter Cultural Highlights included his dad helping to show pictures and tell stories from South Africa! After the slide show, the children gathered at the lunch tables to try some rooibos tea! Most of the children were eager to try the caffeine free herbal tea!

Nautical Culture on the Bay — Milo and his mom and dad made a presentation about the different tools used on a boat. They showed the children how to make nautical knots, the importance of a life jacket and a walkie-talkie radio, the map of a portion of the Pacific Ocean around the San Francisco Bay Area, the four cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) as tools for navigation; as well as an air horn used during foggy days and emergencies, which the children found amusing and humorous. The children were also introduced to fun facts, such as a floatable key-chain for the boat key just in case it drops in the water. Overall, the class enjoyed the presentation, especially the sailor hats that they got to wear.

Family Photos and the Museum — The twin sisters, Sydney and Riley, did their presentation with their mom yesterday afternoon. It was a collection of different photographs taken all throughout the winter with their family. The sisters were looking forward to showing a picture of them drinking out of a “toilet,” which the class both found curious and funny at the same time. It turns out, the “toilet water-fountain” was from “Imagine That Museum” the twins visited with their Aunt April, who was also featured in a few of the photos with her ultra-sound. The twins are looking forward to the new addition to their family. The children also enjoyed seeing the photo of the twins posing with a large Batman figure from a store. They ended their presentation with a coloring activity of the different animals in the Chinese Calendar Zodiac. 

Cooking Pancakes — Sofia and her mom showed the children how they make pancakes as a family. A group of children took turns mixing the batter, and were pleasantly surprised when they saw chocolate chips as an ingredient being added to the mix. They noticed that the pancake batter looked very similar to the organic “birthday muffins” mix that we do in the classroom. The class had snacks and listened to short stories while they waited for the pancakes to be cooked on the griddle. Sofia passed out the delicious pancakes after her mom finished making them. Teacher Selene also helped to pass them out. 

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