Winter Cultural Highlights

We Held Our Annual Winter Cultural Highlights Once Again in 2017!

Every family and staff member made 15-20 minute presentations from January 23rd through February 3rd of aspects of their family cultures. The amazing diversity of our enrolled families and staff came out in their interactive sharing of food, singing, dancing, stories, games, pictures, clothing, various artifacts, religious elements, current family routines and interests, and so much more!

Each family presented to their child’s learning group. We expect to have approximately 150 family and staff presentations when all are done. We record the presentations, display samples, and save examples of what they offer. The children will continue to refer to the rich array of cultural material for the months following the highlight presentations, and sometimes further explorations and projects emerge from the excitement and influences!

Chinese New Year — Henry’s mom, Patty, came in to share the Chinese Lunar New Year with us. She brought in two different types of lucky envelopes for the children to explore. It caught the attention of some of the other children in the classroom, and they asked to come over to see, too. Henry was very eager to hand out the envelopes to his friends and teachers. Evie, Stella, and Ryan said, “Thank you” when they received theirs. We talked about the story behind how the Chinese zodiac animals came to be, what our own signs are, and what personality traits are associated with the signs.

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