She’s an ‘A’ student!

“My daughter was at C5 for five years, since she was 8 months old. She’s now in 9th grade at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts. She’s an A student. Her creativity is her most unique and highest developed part of her personality, and C5 did a lot to nourish that creativity – to recognize it, to start it, and to keep it going.

My daughter is 15 years old and she has social skills beyond anything I’ll ever have. I think that comes from the way C5 is run and how the kids are encouraged; their peer-to-peer relationships are very much respected and encouraged.

I credit C5 for giving my daughter problem solving skills: critical thinking, the ability to not rely on others for the exact correct answers, but rather to think through a problem. It’s really helped her in her math. She’s in advanced algebra now; she scored very high, in the top 2% in math.”

Barbara G.
mother of daughter, Zara, 15 years old