My daughter is a poster child for C5

“My daughter is a poster child for C5. She’s 11 years old, she is a straight A student, and she’s very self motivated and creative. She’s become quite a musician. She’s in a band and plays three instruments. She’s in travel soccer, is happily very competitive, and has adjusted to middle school beautifully.

My son is now in 3rd grade in a Mandarin immersion program. People say my son is very mature socially. Within his age group of friends he is a leader. He always has a great group of friends around.

My daughter was in C5 from age one to age five. My son was there two or three years. They are very self-directed. I like that they can approach things from different vantage points, can initiate their own projects, and they are very comfortable working with other people.”

Lani W.
mother of son, Kevin, 9 years old and daughter, Helen, 11 years old