Incredibly bright kids!

“One thing that differentiates my kids from others is that they can find interest and enjoyment in things in under almost any circumstances. That amount of self-control and that amount of being able to create value for yourself instead of becoming a burden is a lifelong skill that they clearly have.

Both my daughters are incredibly bright kids. Some of that I hope is genetic but I have to believe some of it is C5. They have that natural inquisitiveness that I don’t know if I as a parent could fulfill as strongly as C5 was able to fulfill.

Our older daughter, age seven, who is more reserved, has this clear vision of the things that matter to her and openly can talk about them and openly drives toward them. Her natural inclination would be to be more submissive about it. C5 helped to bring out in her that this is important to do.”

Charles W.
father of daughters Nami, 8 years old, and Yuk, 6 years old