I have to credit C5

“I’ve had a professional tell me that my son could identify emotions and that he showed a lot of empathy – advanced emotional development skills. I have to credit C5.

I love the Daily Story. It’s great to know what your kids are up to during the day, both the text as well as the pictures. When you first start there, you want that reassurance; you see they’re happy and having a good time, especially before they’re very verbal.

I know parents who stay at home but they’re carting their kids to music class or tumbling class … but those kinds of activities are included in C5. I never feel like I need to spend the money or the time. I never feel like I need to arrange play dates because of the socialization … and our weekends are mellow because of that.”

Jennifer K.
mother of son 2 years old and 5 year old C5 alumna daughter