C5 set my daughter up for success

“C5 set my daughter up for success. She went there from when she was ten months old until she was almost five. She left C5 thinking she could do anything and that her opinion was valuable, that she could problem solve as well as anyone. She believes in the power of her own voice and has the ability to problem solve. I saw C5 build that.

Today my daughter is in 7th grade. She’s president of the Best Buddies chapter at Everett Middle School. Best Buddies is a program that pairs children with intellectual and developmental disabilities with children that don’t have those disabilities. They get together and do crafts at lunchtime on Wednesdays. She had so many ideas about how the program could be improved that the adults included her in the leadership. That’s a C5 thing.

My daughter cares very little about what anyone else thinks about her. She has very high self-esteem.”

Jennifer N.
mother of daughter Lily, 12 years old