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Fall is Our Friend!

… and a new school year begins!

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Fall is Our Friend!

And, a New School Year Begins at C5!

We kick off new beginnings with —

Accepting newly enrolled children and families

Convening Classroom Level Parent Group Meetings

Enjoying Summer Book & Box presentations

Meeting with families during that visit for the first Parent Conference

Seeing new explorations and projects begin to take shape in the classrooms

Winding up the two weeks of alternative music that families bring in before Music Together resumes

Starting a new Music Together collection; this time “Flutes”

Sliding into a schedule of weekly Creative Movement & Dance sessions

Quizzing teachers and other staff members who come back from various training events and conferences

Noticing the Board of Directors meeting in a retreat forum to start the year and new board members

Gathering up Head Parents to work with new and ongoing families and represent the classrooms

Convening the School Support Committee meeting

Welcoming interested families into our centers on Tuesday Tours

Continuing the Enrollment Campaign with a sizeable tuition offset for referrals

Assembling for the Annual Fall Picnic at Julius Kahn Park for food, games, and a superb playground

Supporting the monthly All-Staff Meetings that result in a better program for children, families, and staff

Practicing our monthly Emergency Drills, with September 30th being a Shelter-in-Place exercise

Sampling the first of many Family Food Experiences in each classroom that will continue throughout the year

Joining forces for the Classroom Improvement Days this fall and again in the spring

Taking time together for Holidays

And, preparing for the parents led Fall Family Festival


Celebrate and Collaborate!