Current Focus – Water Play

Infant Childcare in San Francisco, CA - C5 Children's School

The sensory table was filled with water on a hot day under the canopy in the outdoor play area, and all of the toddlers from the Bay Shore Classroom were active with it, splashing, swirling, lifting, sprinkling, drinking, and tossing. They tested the effects of their actions and tried different combinations of poring various quantities of water into containers that were too small, too large, and just right and sending the water running down and along toys and each other.

There is something primal and wonderful about water, and the children love working with it and discovering that it is a fluid medium with many characteristics and possibilities. They reveal many of them in a single afternoon. These understandings become valuable perspectives in working with other materials and when returning to water in different settings for various purposes at different times throughout their lives.