Current Focus:

C5 children use a variety of materials to explore how things work, and building is one process for exploring how certain items go together. 

The children experiment individually and in groups with a variety of techniques and discover along the way the nature of the materials and the dynamics of social participation and the benefits of different perspectives on the assembly process. 

They have access to a wide variety of building materials, a few of which are wooden blocks, boxes, magna-tiles, pillows, books, chairs, blankets, and dimensional lumber. Unique and expansive structures often emerge in line with their interests and fantasies. 

They learn about thousands of things, including geometry, structural integrity, creativity, gravity, careful planning and positioning, and risk-taking. Most explorations at this age involve group participation, and lessons learned are in the areas of cooperation, assisting others, self-help, patience, resilience, and perseverance. 

Appreciation of others and friendships form, and group and social skills develop within the learning group and classroom. 

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