Toddler Program

Optimal Development in a Nurturing Environment

C5 Children’s School provides early education as a foundation for lifelong learning, academic, and social success! We enroll children six weeks to 5.9 years old.

Your child will have expert support for their inclinations, routines, temperament, learning styles, and social-emotional-cognitive-physical development. She or he will experience joy in many things and develop self-confidence, self-sufficiency, self-esteem, empathy for others, and effective group skills and attitudes.

Young Toddlers

The infants and toddlers receive concentrated nurturing and care combined with daily attention to individual and small group activities that focus on sensory, physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. Your child is assigned to a primary teacher and team who will be the primary caregivers and teachers of your child during the first 18 months of your child’s life. The result is consistency for each child, a foundation of basic trust, and a climate of encouragement.

Our renowned toddler program is designed to address the unique requirements of each child, while emphasizing movement, play, manipulation, exploration, expression, reflection, socialization, and autonomy. Children have freedom in choosing activities and are facilitated in proceeding at their own pace. They learn according to their own individual capabilities and enjoy a sense of spontaneity and open potential within a secure framework of daily routines and adult support.

Elements that reinforce our approach include sensory toys and materials, crawling and climbing structures, sounds and music, expressive media, living plants and animals, language development, dramatic play, stories, and outdoor experiences.

Older Toddlers

The older toddlers and preschool children also receive constant care and nurturing, while continuing skill development in personal hygiene, toileting, and helping to care for their environment. They are assisted in exploring and expressing themselves individually and in various learning groups. They have access to a wide range of established learning areas and activities at our Preschool Center that include:

  • Stories and reading
  • Dramatic play
  • Drawing and painting
  • Language development and writing
  • Water and sand tables
  • Sounds and a music program
  • Live animals
  • Household
  • Blocks
  • Earth ware clay and playdough
  • Group meeting
  • Math
  • Science
  • Light and shadows
  • Live plants and garden
  • Projections
  • Sculpture
  • Sensory
  • The store
  • Movement and dance
  • Outdoor play yards
  • Familiarization with technology, such as computers, video, and digital photography
  • Exploring the city environment and nature

In addition, we often have special visitors who share their knowledge, experiences, skills, and fascinating items from their lives and work. To learn more about the renowned toddler programs at our leading private preschool, contact us today!