Current Focus – Painting

Leading Private Preschool in San Francisco, CA - C5 Children's School

This activity is usually as much a sensory activity as it is a graphic experiment. The preschool children in the Mighty Oak Classroom love painting in their readily available canvas, their bodies. Faces, tummies, arms, and neighbors are available and a seamless part of the activity, even though each child starts with a separate try in front of them. The clay was what they thought they wanted as a convening item. However, it was very soon overlooked as the children flowed quickly and smoothly into one of their favorite applications.

Painting and working with clay are only two aspects of our work with children in helping them to develop 100 languages — where they have experience with many materials, processes, tools, and types of equipment; in addition to talking, singing, dancing, photographing, drawing, reading, writing, making various symbols, working with light and shadow, and … many others.