Emerging Writing

Emerging Writing

An increased interest in writing emerges at different times and in different ways for each child. When they do want to explore further, there are many people and means to do so with support.

C5 children use various types of graphic tools that are readily available to express their thoughts, feelings, and Intentions. They include crayons, chalk sticks, pens, pencils, paint brushes, finger tips in various materials, styluses on smart boards, hands on iPads and phone keypads, computer keyboards, and sometimes using any other thing that might make a mark.

In our preschool classrooms, students are fascinated with symbol systems, such as letters, numbers, street signs, emojis, and the various ones on computer keyboards. They are also captivated by the letter combinations that make up their name, and they work hard to replicate them. Some of their efforts to record and express themselves in writing occur during project explorations while in their primary learning group. The interests, efforts, and skills within the learning groups are often shared among peers and absorbed by all of the members. So, the children also often have a significant influence on the learning that occurs.

We value each child’s innate and unique curiosity and their desire to express themselves and to explore writing in various forms when and how they choose. So, naturally, the students do so in many ways, and we support all of their efforts with rich and varied materials, tools, equipment, time, and space to do so organically.

Each child begins and continues at their own pace and in their own preferred style free from pressure and standard expectations.

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