Investigating Insects

Current Focus:
Investigating Insects

Ah Ha! Curiosity! Inquiry! Discovery! C5 encourages children’s pursuit of their inclinations, fascinations, entreaties, and developing interests and explorations. 

C5 students are constantly forming hypotheses and trying out “What ifs?” throughout the day. They are natural investigators, constant inquirers, and persistent discoverers of everything around them. A student experiments with how strong to make a clay handle to hold up a pot or studies the anatomy of a beetle as intently as any scientist working in a lab. 

Students are learning to guess, plan, try out, measure, compare and contrast, record, evaluate, problem-solve, and adapt for future success. The by-products are many and include, developing deep appreciation for materials, processes, tools, peers, adults, animals, Nature, and many environments. 

They often identify with the subjects of their investigations and want to immerse themselves in those worlds, leading to more extensive involvement, creative interpretations, amazing products, and role-play scenarios. 

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