Current Focus:

All children are musical from birth. Ask us about why. So, our mission is to extend and enhance those early experiences and abilities into their later years until they leave for kindergarten or first grade. We have a comprehensive array of musical activities, instruments, materials, examples, and extended resources for children, families, and staff. Children at C5 have frequent musical experiences, including listening to music and singing, exploring wind, string, and percussion instruments, and joining adults and their peers in joyful and rewarding music related movement and group collaborations. Children are free to choose musical interactions when they wish and to participate in organized musical events that are scheduled on a regular basis. 

Our more organic musical experience model fosters children developing musical interest and competence in a variety of areas that include rhythmic and tonal capabilities and a fascination with the variety of elements that contribute to music making and music appreciation. 

Research has shown that involvement in music enhances all other domains of learning. For example, infants mimicking musical tones, tonal patterns, and rhythms leads to enhanced auditory memory, language development, and emotional intelligence. 

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Instrument play is a feature of Music Together at the festival