Different Sizes and Dimensions

Current Focus:
Characteristics and Capabilities of Learning Materials

Infants at C5 explore a wide range of materials, tools, equipment, and toys all around them and how they relate to their own developing sense of themselves. Parents and staff members daily bring in items to augment the interests expressed by the infants as they explore their environment. 

For example, a fascination with egg shakers might lead to an extensive exploration of different egg shakers and other sound-making objects and instruments. An interest in small boxes might result in extend experiences with boxes of all sizes including ones infants can crawl into and out of while holding onto small ones and beginning to form understandings of the relationships between the boxes and to their own bodies. 

Powerful impressions and connections are being formed about the characteristics and capabilities of learning materials and their own bodies that will be used during their time at C5 and later, throughout their lives. 

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Infants exploring sizes and dimensions