Inquiry Based Approach

Progressive Preschool Programs in San Francisco, CA - C5 Children's School

Our work is primarily child-centered, teacher facilitated, family supported, and based on children’s inclinations, interests, fascinations, developmental issues, and family cultures.

We provide a variety of resource-rich learning environments and help your child to have access to a wide range of materials and processes that include many items from Nature, recycled materials, and other carefully selected items. We work in partnership with your child and your family to help your child to develop the 100 languages of children for exploring, expressing, and optimal learning and development.

We begin with what is most important to your child and assist them in inquiring further and more deeply in their own way and in their own time.

The process is exploratory, investigative, evolving, and has characteristics that might usually be associated with higher order adult processes, such as keeping an open mind, testing the nature and character of materials, maintaining a focus, being patient, developing hypotheses, and experimenting to derive new understandings and to draw tentative conclusions.

Another way of thinking of our approach is that it is an Emergent Curriculum: What comes from your child is the curriculum. And, that it results in deep explorations and long-term, broad reaching, comprehensive projects.