Emergent Curriculum

At C5, children’s interests, fascinations, and developmental issues are the primary vehicle for immediate, complex, comprehensive, and sustained learning and development. Our Director of Learning, Joe Wiseman, says,

“What emerges from each child becomes the curriculum.”

and . . .

“The curriculum walks in the door every day.”

If your child is an infant or young toddler, the curriculum is focused on expert nurturing for your child and supporting their developmental issues. We provide expert nurturing and a safe and secure environment for your child to feel comfortable and open to developing attachment to their primary teacher. With those conditions established, and supporting your child’s natural, individual daily patterns of eating, diapering, and napping, we provide a rich and various sensory experiences and opportunities for them to develop their exploratory skills and their body in their own way and in their own time.

If your child is an older toddlerwe work with him or her in a gentle, caring, and expert manner to develop social skills as relationship opportunities emerge and to guide them in exploring a rich array of materials, processes, tools, and environments. As they demonstrate individual interests, we assist them in exploring them in-depth and in a variety of ways over extended periods of time

If your child is a preschool or pre-kindergarten student, we facilitate them in pursuing their inclinations, interests, and fascinations through a variety of media, processes, and environments, while supporting their individual learning style, temperament, developing group skills, and multiple intelligences.

What emerges from each learning group are also opportunities for focus on real issues that have meaning for the children. We are practiced at facilitating the aggregation of interests within a learning group and assisting them in engaging explorations and projects that accommodate all of the individual interests, various learning styles, personalities, and developmental levels within the group.

At the heart of our program is a focus on high quality relationships with children, parents, and family members that are respectful, equitable, trusting, collaborative, caring, gentle, and based on skills using our carefully developed philosophy and years of practice.