Appropriate Technology

C5 is a leader in our use of technology with children and families

We have a wide range of devices, strategies, and related program activities that use different technologies for carefully selected purposes.

For example, when your child participates in our use of our various technology tools at C5 or uses them herself or himself, it will be in line with their supervised explorations or projects or in communication with you and your family members or with other students and staff members.

In the process, they will learn to: observe carefully; be open to full sensing; listen; speak; record and report; develop vocabulary; practice using visual symbols, such as letters and numbers; take turns; be patient; make presentations; develop familiarity and skill with technology equipment; and build social skills.

Some of our basic technology tools include:

  • Smart Phones — iPhones, Andriod
  • iPods
  • iPads
  • Laptop Computers
  • Desktop Computers
  • SmartBoards, large 4’x8′ touch screen, web-connected Computers
  • Cameras
  • Paper Printers
  • Race Cars (22)Wi-Fi and Internet Connections
  • Landline Phones
  • Microphones
  • Amplifiers
  • Jamboxes
  • Large Speakers
  • Websites
  • Light Boxes
  • Special Effects Lighting and Controllers
  • LCD Projectors
  • Laser Pointers
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • CD & DVD Players
  • Electronic Pianos
  • Electronic Microscope
  • Laser Measuring Devices

Smart Board 1Smart Board 2Another use of technology at C5 is with parents and family members. Our staff uses our private, secure website to provide a wealth of information for you, your immediate family, and for your ext ended family members. The site includes a Daily Story, with a description and pictures of key activities that go on in your child’s classroom every day; a Weekly Plan that is flexible and gives you an idea of what your child’s learning group might be dong in the coming week and suggestions for how you and your family might support the activities; a Home-School Journal that is a private forum for your family and your child’s primary teacher; the Monthly Menu of snacks and lunches that will be served by our caterer, Chefables; and, many other categories of helpful information.

We invite you to explore with us more in-depth about how we will use various technologies with your child and your family in appropriate ways and times.