The Bay Area

Growth in the Bay Area of San Francisco has rebounded from the housing market bubble and collapse that affected many parts of the Bay Area in 2007. The areas hit hardest were those towards the east and farthest from the San Francisco Bay. Those areas had seen housing prices more than double in just a few years prior to the crash. Although the entire region was affected by the subsequent recession, the core that formed the urban corridors around the San Francisco Bay is seeing a renaissance in population growth. The demographic mix of the population is changing in both predictable and less predictable ways, due to the aging of the baby boom generation, the influx of young adults drawn by a vibrant economy, and continued immigration to the region, especially from Asia and Latin America.

Gradual Growth in the Region’s Population

The population of the Bay Area has increased by 270,000 since 2010, reaching 7.4 million by 2014 according to the California Department of Finance. The annual population growth rate of the region in the recent four years, of 1.0 percent, is higher than the average rate during the first decade of the 2000s, which was 0.5 percent, indicating the lasting attractiveness of the Bay Area to its residents as well as a rebound from the recession. Recent growth trends contrast with earlier periods and with the nation and California. Since 2010, population in the Bay Area has grown at a faster rate than in the US or in California as a whole.

There is continued strong demand and limited supply in the region for high quality child development and learning services. However, you are invited to join us in celebrating the Projected Birth Rates (PBR) for the counties touching on the San Francisco Bay and act soon to secure a program best suited for your child and family.

Closest to San Francisco by Car and BART Train


CountyPBR 2015PBR 2016
San Francisco8,9168,965
San Mateo8,8918,904
Contra Costa12,64212,845
Santa Clara23,42723,462

A Little Farther Away


CountyPBR 2015PBR 2016

Total All Projected Births in the 9 County Region


All 9 CountiesPBR 2015PBR 2016