SF City Building Center

Indoor Areas

In addition to the five fully equipped classrooms, there are also indoor play areas where children can go for special events when it is raining or to gain new perspectives. There are Activity Rooms on each floor for special break-out activities where small groups of children can be loud or have quiet time, or experiment with light and shadow, or explore large wall-size projections. In addition, there are also spacious hallways outside of the classrooms, a soft-floored Commons Area in the center of the first floor, and the Gathering Spaces on the second floor where the preschool and Pre-K children have weekly Music Together sessions and Creative Movement & Dance.

Outdoor Areas

The outdoor playground area is located immediately next to the ground floor classrooms and along the wall at the entrance to the center. It is open to the air and sun, with high security walls and video monitoring by the San Francisco County Sheriffs, and next to a private seldom used alley. Since the outdoor play area at this new center is brand new, we are continuing to outfit it with a wide range of creative and natural items. It has a custom built-in sand box area, storage buildings, structural blocks, shelter tents, many plants, trees, gardening items, sensory tables, water play items, a selection of exploration and play items, project materials, seating units, soft decking throughout, and or own custom climbing structures.

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