SFPUC Building Center

For children who are infants through pre-K

CA State Building Center

For children who are toddlers through pre-K

SF Permit Building Center

For children who are toddlers through pre-K


49 South Van Ness, 3rd Floor

San Francisco, California 94103


(925) 466-5395 (call or text)

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Getting to our Children's Schools

Our schools are accessible from Muni light rail on Market Street, BART at the Civic Center Station, and city buses 47, 49, 31, 5, and 19.


At C5 Children’s School, we are continually developing and improving upon our four early care and learning centers. They are all located in city and state hosted facilities. The SFPUC Building Center and California State Building Center are located in modern government buildings on city blocks that are next to each other across Polk Street. 

The buildings that house both centers look onto the magnificent San Francisco City Hall and City Hall Park. 

Only three blocks farther is our new San Francisco Permit Building Center. It is located on the third floor with a 4,000 square foot terrace for outdoor play in a park-like environment. All four centers are in an urban setting in a maritime climate in the thriving city of San Francisco.

In view and a block away from three of our centers are the Asian Art Museum, the Main Branch Public Library, the Community Garden, the County Courthouse, the City Coliseum, the Symphony Hall, the Ballet, and the Herbst Theater. Just across town, north and east, is the San Francisco Bay, and just west across town is the Pacific Ocean and beaches.

CA State Building Center

Our CA State Building Center with up to 76 Toddlers through Pre-K children, is located in the Ronald M. George State Office Complex along with the California Supreme Court and the California Administration of the Courts.  Across the street is the United States Federal Building, and the University of California Hastings Law School is two blocks away.

SFPUC Building Center

Our SFPUC Building Center with up to 76 Infants through Pre-K children, is located in the San Francisco Public Utilities Building, next to the County Courthouse, and across the street from the majestic Federal Building.

San Francisco Permit Building Center

Our San Francisco Permit Building Center, with up to 48 Toddlers through Pre-K children, is nestled into the new 13 story San Francisco Permit Building and next to the new 39 story high rise residential tower on Mission Street. From our spacious outdoor terrace we can see their spacious park-like outdoor terrace one story below across the walkway.

San Francisco:
Our Home

San Francisco

Welcome to San Francisco, and welcome to our neighborhood and the amazing diversity in our city’s environments, people, activities, history, and possibilities!

The city is growing, and doing so faster these days. Recent demographics indicate that we have approximately 815,000 people within the 48 square miles of the city. San Francisco City and County are combined in the same geographic space. Recent data shows that about 4.5% of the population are children under 5 years of age. That means about 36,600 children.

“San Francisco’s near-perfect, though often-foggy, weather draws in people from all over the world. Visitors seeking culture, outdoor adventures and top-notch restaurants can all find what they’re looking for within city limits. Young and old alike will appreciate the beaches, museums, and large parks this welcoming city offers.”

The Bay Area

The recent intrusion of the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the region and contributed to adults and families reorienting to the opportunities and challenges of a new approach to work and life away from work and traditional work settings. Remote work settings, part-time work on-site, technology use, and supports to families, such as childcare and early learning for children while their family members work are also playing important roles in the evolution of how we all are relating to work and family life.

C5 Children’s School has been adapting to serve children and families by augmenting our full-day, full-week program to accept an array of part-time enrollments that can also change as the work demands change.

Meanwhile, there is continued demand for and limited supply in the region of high quality child development and learning services. We are happy to help you determine the program that is best suited for your child and family here in San Francisco. You are welcome to contact us for details.