Music at C5 Children's School

Music Every Day

The children listen to a wide array of music, play instruments of their choosing, sing many songs, dance and create special movements, and engage their musical experiences in many media and forms of expression every day.

Focus on Music Once a Week

The world-famous Music Together program is part of our curriculum. Children of all ages take part in the half hour Music Together sessions each week in their learning groups. They enjoy an exceptionally high quality and variety of music and movement prepared especially for young children’s key range and movement ability.

The music and materials are a rich selection of specially arranged songs, rhythms, chants, lyrics, world languages, and cultural elements. Families receive song books and codes for downloading all of the music. They can also participate at their child’s center in the weekly sessions and follow the children’s progress on our private website and the current play and activity lists in the classrooms.

We have temporarily suspended our once-a-week Music Together sessions during the pandemic and hope to return to them soon. However, we do continue the rest of the rich, comprehensive music program as represented here and on this website.

Music During Creative Movement & Dance (CMD)

Our weekly CMD sessions often have music as a key complementary component, as the children give their full bodies and attention to alternate explorations and expressions derived from their current projects. For example, during a preschool Learning Group’s Ocean Project, they had whale and dolphin sounds and what they called “ocean music” by ??? as they simulated becoming deep sea ocean creatures. A toddler Learning Group’s CMD session had rhythmic cricket sounds, a “Flight of the Bumblebee” instrumental, and nightscape lighting during a firefly dance on one day that complemented their months-long exploration of insects.

Music During Transitions

Transitions between activities, play areas indoors and out, and to and from the bathroom and snack or lunch are perfect times for singing all or parts of familiar and new songs, making up songs and lyrics, playing instruments, or listening to music.

Music as Part of Projects

Children choose to select pre-recorded music or make and record their own music and sound effects as part of their explorations, experimentations, project developments, and presentations. 

Special Music Times

Family Members Join

Family Members Join with their child’s learning group during regular music sessions and for sing-alongs that are held three times a year in the late afternoon.

Alternative Music Sessions

Alternative Music Sessions are held three other times a year where family members can join their child’s learning group when they are especially invited to bring in music from home or play instruments or sing with the children during our two-week-long Alternative Music Sessions.

Children Choose to Perform

Children Choose to Perform and do so at some program gatherings. C5 alumni children also return and sing-along, lead groups, and perform for the children.

Annual Events

At Annual Events we have music, movement, and big group activities at our regular potlucks, festivals, and picnics.

Visiting Artists

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music is only a few blocks from our centers. Upper division students come to C5 throughout the school year in pairs to perform for children from all of our classrooms as part of the Community Service part of their advanced curriculum.

Music to and from School

Many families play a variety of music, including our featured Music Together music collections, when they travel to and from our school. The children and parents each have their favorites.

Music at Home

Many of the music related activities and products from our program find their way home, in addition to the Music Together song books and songs. Children want to play the songs, sing the lyrics, play instruments, and include others in the experiences. There are examples of the children who want everyone at their family reunions to sing the “Hello Everybody” song. Music Together also publishes a collection of lullabies and a collection of Family Favorites from their extensive songs collection. Families can purchase CDs or download these special editions.

C5 Hosts Music Together Teacher Training

We have hosted region-wide three-day training of music teachers conducted by Music Together out of Princeton, New Jersey. We have also hosted Music Together Songs & Skills Workshops. In addition, we have our own musically competent teachers with Music Together training. Our cadre of trained teachers lead weekly music sessions for every learning group from infants through Pre-K children.