Food at C5

Healthy Meals

Food is an essential part of all of our lives, and it plays a very important role in many ways in our program for children of all ages and for adults at C5 Children’s School.

NOTE: During the Coronavirus pandemic, some food activities involving parents and family food experiences and group gatherings are temporarily modified.

Our Caterer, Chefables

A former Culinary Institute of America-trained executive chef and his employees provide exceptionally healthy and great tasting food that is mostly all organic and/or sourced locally and made from scratch. Children and staff love it! Chefables prepares and delivers lunches and two snacks per day for toddlers and for preschool and pre-kindergarten-age children in full-day programs and in part-time extended morning programs and extended afternoon programs. 

Chefables also has a full-time dietician and a full-time baker, who bakes everything they serve. Their food varies constantly, providing several new dishes every month. They also provide special meals for children with allergies and who have special religious and other occasions. There are vegetarian and vegan options for any child by special arrangement. 

See for their amazing website that includes many details and a film of their company and food narrated in part by the actor Morgan Freeman.

C5 Alerts

We have procedures for discovering and handling food sensitivities as they emerge in the children, and we post descriptive photos of children with known medical level food allergies.

Our Three-Level Daily Food Program

Level 1

Food from Home: Families bring food for their infants until their child can begin eating solids. It begins with breast milk and/or formula milk and proceeds with our guidance to soft and more solid foods.

Level 2

Modified Food: This includes infants and young toddlers eating some food from home and some of the regular food from our caterer that C5 modifies to be eaten by children adapting to solids.

Level 3

Regular Food: Our caterer provides daily snacks and lunches, that include their famous, very healthy and tasty dishes that very on a monthly menu available to all families on our private, secure Connections website.

More Ways we Experience Food

Children Prepare

They frequently make a wide range of food items to satisfy their curiosity, or as part of project study, or to complement an individual or group exploration.

Family Food Experience

Every family picks a day in the school year to offer a 15-20 minute food experience from their family culture or family routines to share with their child’s learning group or classroom. Some bring in food to taste. Others bring ingredients and prepare the food for children to observe and taste. Others involve the children in the preparation and eating. We celebrate our exceptionally diverse community of families and include food as a key element in the Community dimension of our Guiding Principles. See our “Image of the Community.”

Parents pick one day in the year and bring in food to fix for children or with them and to help them to experience a variety of cultures
Healthy preschool food plays a very important role in our program for children of all ages and for adults at C5 Children’s School.

Summer Book
& Box

Each fall, families and staff members present what happened over the summer in a book and or a box. There is often mention of family routines involving food and special foods and places they found in their travels or in their homes when they tried new foods that they made or that were brought in by friends or relatives.

Winter Cultural Highlights

Every family and staff member share some of their cultural heritage and/or current family routines with their child’s learning group. A wide range of food from different cultures is often a part of those interactive presentations.

Birthday Baking

The children usually make and bake organic muffins as part of celebrating their birthdays in each classroom.

End of Project Celebrations

Often having a celebratory food buffet helps to mark the ending of special explorations and projects. Sometimes the food is also representative of the exploration or project.

Staff Training Days and Birthday Lunches

C5 provides food for in-house training; All-Staff Meetings; Professional Development Days, and a birthday lunch each month for all staff in a center marking the birthdays in that month.

Receptions and Special Events

C5 provides special food, music, and flowers for most Classroom Level Parent Group Meetings; and Parents Night Out.

We invite you to take a look at the wide variety of educational, developmental, and fun events we host for children and families.

Staff Appreciation

Parents and family members bring in food buffets at various times throughout the year in recognition of the instructional and administrative staff members.


We keep food out of use as a craft material and only use it respectfully in preparing for eating and in consuming it.


Families and C5 collaborate to have an amazing variety of food at our annual gatherings that include the Fall Family Festival, the Fall and Spring Picnics, and the culmination of the three-week Costume Days in the “Costume Party Potluck.”

Special Dishes

A few times in the year, at both centers, our kitchen and housekeeping staff prepare special dishes for the children and teachers.

Farmers Market

The toddlers and their teachers shop at the United Nations Plaza Farmers Market, almost weekly, and bring back food to taste and/or to make into dishes for snacks or to supplement lunches.

Annual Bake Sale

Our annual Bake Sale is held on Valentine’s Day and provides funds for family scholarships.