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The Coronavirus and Covid-19

We invite you to learn more about us and join our program for an exceptionally safe and rewarding learning and development experience for your child and your family.

Our health and safety practices throughout the pandemic have resulted in ZERO Covid-19 TRANSMISSIONS within our program. Our program has continuously been able to offer our rich, award winning services that derive from children’s inclinations, interests, fascinations, and family cultural influences, and it is conducted in a medically safe, educationally rich, and emotionally supportive and stimulating environment.

CompetentC5 Children’s School is fortunate to have many seasoned, highly skilled professionals who take an unfailingly positive and confident approach to addressing issues that arise in daily work and in special circumstances, such as the emerging Coronavirus outbreak. See Links below.

We work skillfully and respectfully with our enrolled and alumni families and with our building management and local and state government officials to address the relevant science, evolving guidelines, and the health directives that are issued and available.

Then, we take great satisfaction in creating the safest and highest quality environments for children, families, staff, and the interconnected surrounding community. All of our staff are vaccinated and have current booster shots.

Much of our approach to the virus and our strategies for mitigating it are serving as a model for other educational programs. We enjoy our work, and we enjoy sharing to improve the conditions for children everywhere.

You are welcome to contact us for details beyond the information that is provided here.

PlanningWe have developed a comprehensive Coronavirus Health & Safety Plan for each of our centers. They are very similar. We also plan ahead for emerging issues in close coordination with these area resources:
— C5’s Caterer, Chefables
— The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) Childcare Team
— First 5 of San Francisco
— The City’s Child Care Planning and Advisory Council
— The City’s Children’s Council
— The City’s Office of Early Care and Education
See Links below.

Current Day Tracking — We keep pace with daily reports of virus levels in the community, emergence and spread of variants, and impact relationships with nearby communities, around the state, and across the nation.

ResearchOur investigations have kept pace with the latest scientific findings, related product and equipment producers specifications, local and state health department perspectives, and government announcements and directives. We researched the latest HVAC and quality air flow requirements related to the Coronavirus and conducted two site visits with a consulting architect from the Low-Income Investment Fund (LIIF) organization and a site visit with the environmental engineer from the San Francisco Department of Public Health. See Links below for a few of our sources.

SFDPH DirectivesWe closely follow all of the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s directives related to early childhood. See Links below.

State DirectivesWe work in concert with the State of California directives regarding re-opening and operating, including handling cases that may occur within our enrolled families, staff, and children attending our program.

CleaningWe clean the centers at the end of the day after children leave and key areas again before the school day begins. Our designated kitchen and housekeeping staff also continue to clean high touch areas and elements in the main traffic areas within the centers throughout the school day.

Safe DistancingWe practice safe social, physical, and structural distancing. Staff members stay at least 6 feet away from each other and parents when interacting and 12+ feet away when possible. We know that the research has shown that the primary transfer of the Coronavirus is by air and tiny aerosol droplets that carry the particles that can travel well over 12 feet, hang in the air, and move through spaces with air currents in tidal pools and pathways of air flow.

GuestsWe operate the centers primarily with only staff and children. Parents have limited and controlled access into the centers if documented vaccination is on record with our program. Vendors stop at the front door to transfer goods, materials, and other items into the centers.

Parents — Before School: Prior to leaving home for school, parents check for symptoms of illness, including those for the Coronavirus. After they register documentation of their vaccinated status with the program, they can deliver and pick-up their child at their child’s cubby or locker and at the classroom or outdoor play area entrances.

Parents During School: Parents can be in contact with the school in a wide variety of ways, including by phone to the reception desk, Office Manager, Center Director, their child’s classroom’s cell phone, by text, email, FaceTime, BrightWheel computer app, video conference, and our highly interactive private, secure website posts and forums.

Parents Information Sharing: Parents voluntarily share their travel plans, general virus-related health, and ongoing information about how their child is doing at home, including socially, emotionally, physically, and developmentally in line with the in-school curriculum and other activities. Parents follow and support the organic child-centered, flexible Weekly Plans based on the children’s interests and the Daily Stories that present with photos and text of what actually happens in the classrooms each day.

Before Entry Cleaning All children, staff, and specially authorized guests who enter the center clean their hands and shoes before entering and are escorted to their classroom or work space by a C5 staff person.

Air PurifiersWe have high powered IQAir HealthPro hyper-HEPA+ floor model three-stage air filters — of the type found in hospitals, surgery rooms, and clean rooms — located in every classroom and main processing areas. These units remove Coronavirus from the air and other ultra-fine particles smaller than a virus. They also remove smoke particles and harmful fumes and gasses. See Links below.

Air Quality MonitorsWe also have IQAirVisual air quality monitors located in every classroom and reception area. They tell us by remote before school and throughout the day how well we are continuing to succeed in cleaning the air of large, medium, small, and fine particles, droplets, and aerosol mist that can also carry Coronavirus. See Links below,

We continuously monitor outside air by means of comprehensive data sets that include: the USA Environmental Protection Agency’s system of wide-area and local air quality monitors; the PurpleAir network of monitors; the IQAir network of monitors; three key websites for wildfire smoke, wind direction, and air quality forecasting; and, and other sites for weather elements forecasts. See Links below.

HVACs and Building Air SystemsSince the Coronavirus also transfers significantly by air and having high-quality air moving rapidly and exchanging often are critical to mitigating the transfer and absorption of the virus, we work closely with our host buildings to adjust the HVAC systems as necessary to provide the best possible air at all times. They have highly rated MERV-13 and MERV-14 air filters.

Learning Groups For safety and to mitigate transmission of the Coronavirus, the children in every classroom meet each day and work all day long with the same continuous group members and the same primary teachers. They also eat, sleep, and play outside as an in-tact group separated from other children’s groups and staff.

Extensive Information We share with parents and family members information about children’s activities during the day by means of online photos, videos, and Daily Stories in line with organic Weekly Plans and interests emerging from individual children and their learning groups. See Links below,

AccessibilityParents, family members, building management, and government agencies can reach us 24/7 to get or give essential information, including alerts, processing medical concerns, and clarifying regular curriculum, policies, and business issues.

Daily and Weekly InformationWe provide regular and frequent information about how the new health and safety processes are working as part of our Daily Stories and Weekly Plans for each classroom. The posts are on our private, secure website Connections where every enrolled family has access to information from all of the classrooms in our two, soon to be three, centers. The posts are interactive and the information, including photos of daily activities, is downloadable. Parents, immediate family members, and extended family members from around the world connect daily for the latest news and classroom activities.


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