Summer Dreaming and Doing at C5

We have 130 families in our program in nine classrooms across two centers; with 23 children going to kindergarten and new children coming into the program over the summer and early fall. There will be a lot of excitement, leaving celebrations, and ongoing explorations, projects, relationship building, and caring and joy in everything!

What are we doing in the summer?

Water play Gardening Climbing Dancing Music Painting Sliding Constructing Reading Photography and Video Investigating Nature Celebrations Field Trips Costume Making Parades Potluck Party Care of Animals Adventure Games Sand, Dirt, and Mud Eating Out of Doors Cooking Reading Lounging

What are we ‘dreaming’ about?

  • Preparing with many children and families for kindergarten, where they will meet and exceed traditional expectations
  • How we will comprehensively and caringly phase in new children and their families as we learn to understand and appreciate each one, share influences, and introduce them to the highly productive, optimal learning and development that will be for their child
  • Having joy and collaboration in everything we do over the summer and beyond
  • Planning our study focus for the next school year to build on this year’s that was, “The Powerful Child – As a Unique Contemporary Citizen and a Contributor to the Future”
  • How many people will visit us again this year from foreign countries, professional groups, government agencies, and other early learning and development programs
  • And, what role you might play in visiting us, contributing to what we do, and joining us with your child and family