Researching Unique Skills

In one of our many roles, we will continue to be Teachers-Educators as Researchers

Our Program-Wide Study Focus

Each year we identify a specific focus for our professional study and implementation
This school year, the focus is:

“Developing Unique Attitudes and Skills for the Future”

. . . That are Uncommon, Precise, Profound, Powerful, Prescient . . .

We expect to identify a wide range of attitudes and skills that will be especially important and useful for children as they evolve into a future that we are unable to imagine.

Definitions of the criteria for the skills we are seeking —

Unique: The only one; being without a like or equal; distinctive

Uncommon: Other than ordinarily encountered

Precise: Exactly and sharply defined and stated and minutely exact

Profound: Meaningful and having intellectual depth and insight

Powerful: Having great force, prestige, and influence; leading to many and important successes

Prescient: In anticipation of the course of events


In our quest to discover the unique essentials of critical skills, we will be —









Reverse Engineering


The skills that we uncover may be skills that we currently know, or sub-parts of those skills, or they may be skills that are new to all of us.

We think of skills in the broad sense, and they include attitudes, feelings, cognitive processing, how we use our many senses, and the ability to connect to these and integrate them.

Skills also include the abilities to do things with many and varied resources, such as materials, tools, processes, equipment, environments, other people and animals, and our own bodies.


Stay Tuned!

We expect to be gathering information and testing our ideas and conclusions throughout the school year. Our ongoing findings and our results will be published on this website and in our materials during our annual Festival of Learning in the spring.

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We will be engaging in research throughout the school year in assessing and discovering which unique skills are going to be essential and critical for children’s success in their future