School is Underway

Now that the new school year is underway, there are powerful forces at work. The children are embracing their Summer Books & Boxes that were presented by all families at the beginning of the school year. Miniature Fall Family Festivals are happening differently in every classroom. And, the children’s ideas for projects and explorations are flowing forth.

We are facilitating each child in pursuing her or his own interests and fascinations, and some are sharing their interests with the others in their learning group, leading to fascinating explorations, research, experiments, and amazing projects.

One preschool learning group is researching dragons, and they are already making their own dragon outfits. One of the first and most desirable steps is making the dragon wings. A lot of wire and paper wrapping is leading to impressive wings that are gradually taking shape each day.

Parents and family members are getting in the flow of responding to weekly plans and volunteering to bring in items to support the initiatives in each classroom. Daily Stories are populating the private website, Connections, and the daily staff observations and photo and note-taking documentation are leading to our comprehensive assessment for each child and the second parent conferences that will be held in the first of the new calendar year. The first parent conferences that were held in September and October were focused on what families wanted for their children during the year and how C5 was going to help that happen.

Extended family members around the world are following their child relatives’ daily activities in each classroom as presented on our private Connections website and participating from afar with comments, suggestions, and requests.

Our philosophy and practice of multi-dimensional sharing of information with families about what their children are doing and how they are learning and developing and the families’ very involved and organic participation in their own way and in their own time all help to make the fall days at school a very beautiful and productive time.