The Sublime Exchange

Join us in our exploration of “The Sublime!”

We are looking more closely this school year at how children learn; how they make meaning; how they get in the magical sustained flow of exploration and discovery; and, how and when they gain an insight or have a strong Ah Ha moment. We are also examining what we can do and are doing to sustain these efforts and to improve on them with and for children.

We invite you to view our brief presentation. Then, contribute over the next six weeks your questions, comments, and examples of your experience with children when they achieve a sublime state of being and discovery.

Here’s how the interactive seminar is designed to work.

  1. Sign in to participate in our Sublime Exchange.
  2. View the presentation on our focus for the year, “The Sublime.” FOL Online Seminar Sublime Slide Show + Narration 2016 (Keynote app required when viewing from an iOS device)
  3. Go to our CQC – Comments, Questions, Contributions Area to share your thoughts and questions about our presentation. Share some examples of your experience with children who were in the moment of learning or who were in the continuous flow* of discovery.
  4. The period of viewing the presentation and contributing will last from April 1st through May 13th. All participants will be able to view the postings of others. After May 13th, the receiving of online contributions will be closed.
  5. Our staff will gather a representative sampling of the contributions from online participants, combine them with our comments, questions, and examples of our work with children, families, and colleagues, and post them online for all to see from May 16 through 20.
  6. Comments on this Grand Assembly will be accepted online during the week of May 16-20 and all of the following week and end at 5:00 p.m. PST on Thursday, May 26.

* See discussion and works on “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and others in Wikipedia, TED Talks, books, etc.