New School Year

New School Year

The fabulous group of older children and their families have left now, by the end of summer, for Kindergartens, new homes, and jobs far flung!

Continuing are our amazing groups of young children in our year-round program who will flow into the next school year that officially began on August 28, 2017!

Enrolling over the summer and joining our community of learners are the promising new group of children and their families, approximately 30 of them!

There will be lots of activity and special events at the beginning of the new school year to welcome the new families and to help them to be accepted, understood, and appreciated; and, to discover what kind of influences they can have on the program and what kind of expectations the program has of them.

We will also celebrate the children and families who are continuing and watch as they skillfully help to bring in the new families.

  • There will be detailed orientations for every family and classroom level parent group meetings to discuss Parent and family participationthe coming year and to learn more about their teachers and the C5 program.
  • There will be the Annual Fall Picnic on Saturday, September 30th, where families and staff mingle, eat, play, and enjoy each other and life in general.
  • There will be the Summer Book & Box presentations of what happened in each family over the summer.
  • There will be the first Parent Conferences of the year where more details of the program are discussed and what each family hopes for their child in the coming year.
  • There will be a tuition offset for families of four-year-olds who live in San Francisco that begins on the first of September and is provided by the City’s Preschool for All program.
  • Enrolled families will continue to plan for, raise, and save funds for their annual contributions to everyone’s efforts to raise money for the C5 Scholarship fund.
  • Families begin planning for their Family Food Experience at C5 on one day sometime during the school year.
  • Families also prepare for their individual or group Community Service activity sometime during the school year.
  • The design upgrade of our private, secure website, Connections, will debut with extended families all over the world being able to access what their child relatives and San Francisco families are doing in the C5 program every school day!
  • And, fascinating child-initiated and directed explorations and projects begin!