Music, Creative Movement, and Dance

Music Together

C5 has been offering Music Together weekly since the fall of 2003 as part of our full year program for all of our students in each of our classrooms at both centers. We have also been hosts in our school for several years for the founders of Music Together and their trainers to come to San Francisco from New York City and from Princeton, New Jersey to train our musical C5 staff members and other music teachers in the Bay Area. C5 teachers trained by Music Together conduct weekly sessions in their classrooms as part of our regular curriculum and tuition. As part of regular tuition, C5 families participate and receive the regular Music Together materials, a song book, CDs, and download codes for all of the collections in which they participate. We offer three Music Together collections over 45 weeks throughout the year and all nine collections over a three year period.

Recently, Lili Levinowitz, the co-founder of Music Together, came from Music Together’s headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey and trained 35 prospective music teachers at our CA State Building Center in a three-day, 28 hour training event. The comprehensive training included daily demonstrations sessions for the trainees that involved 12 different children and their parents each day.

After the three-day training, Lili conducted a one-day Songs & Skills Workshop for regional Music Together teachers who were already trained. The all-day session prepared the teachers for the new Sticks Collection and provided more insights into working with children, parents, and their teacher colleagues.

Creative Movement & Dance

We started a comprehensive movement and dance program in the fall of 2000. We developed it in collaboration with professional consultants and parents from the San Francisco Ballet. C5 trained teachers in each classroom conduct regular sessions for children every week for every classroom. For toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-K children, the theme of the sessions are based on the explorations or projects that the children are already working on during their regular emergent curriculum. For infants, the sessions are based on the developmental issues of each infant child. The focus in the sessions is to facilitate the children in gradually, over the years, developing comprehensive skills, attitudes, and knowledge about movement, dance, and their own bodies as individuals, partners, and groups.

We have exciting examples and results to share about our work with Music Together and Creative Movement & Dance. You are welcome to contact our Director of Learning or our other center directors to discuss more details.