Imagination Workshop

On Saturday, during our annual Festival of Learning in May, over 100 parents, family members, educators, and members of the community explored how children’s imaginations contribute to their social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

They also saw the amazing exhibit of children’s work from all age groups, infants through pre-kindergarten, in the Great Hall.

They toured the Preschool Center classrooms.

Refreshments and Networking Began at 8:30 am.

Individuals interested in participating registered online and completed a brief survey on a link there. They used the results of the survey in the workshop.

Door prizes were also given to attendees and included four HP 3-in-1 Color Printers, high quality art supplies, and an array of other prizes.

The Imagination Workshop was part of our four week-long Festival of Learning: “Dreaming and Doing – The Power of Collaborating Teams and Individual Imagination” celebrating children and their work with teachers, parents, and community members that was available to the public from May 1—24, 2012.

At the workshop, educators, parents, and community members explored their perspectives and experiences of how children using their imaginations impacts how they learn and develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. The influences of the Reggio Emilia approach, an emergent curriculum, and a project emphasis were some of the examples examined in addition to others that were introduced by participants.

For fun and for building an identity along the lines of their interest in a discussion topic, participants were invited to come dressed in the colors that represented the learning domain that they chose in their registration material to explore at the workshop. We saw a rainbow of colors and varied interests being actively demonstrated in the room!

At the workshop, the discussion groups formed and explored how imagination affects their chosen domain. They referenced the survey material sent in ahead of the workshop for their domain, and prepared a report to present to the whole group. The whole group heard each report, and the workshop facilitators responded to each report, stimulated further discussion, and introduced information from their own experiences. The workshop hosts summarized, gave out the door prizes, and led a transition to touring the exhibit of children’s work and the C5 Children’s School Preschool Center classrooms.

You are invited to join us each year in May for other exciting and informative seminars and workshops on other topics related to children’s optimal growth, learning, and development!