Defying Gravity

C5 Festival of Learning 2018 – Public Demonstration

Children working with their teachers in public with parents and family members as chaperones.

Learning Group/Classroom:  Rainbow Lollipops-Redwood Classroom

Program: Preschool – Ages: 3.5- 5.9 years old

Children: Abby, Declan, Nishka, Margot, Ohana, Owen, and Vyana

Teachers: Geoffrey

Title of Demonstration: Paper Airplanes

Location: Civic Center Park
Date:  May 3, 2018       Time: 9:30am-10:30am

Objective: To fold paper airplanes and do a test flight in an open field

What the children might be learning and developing:

  1. Children develop awareness of the multiplicity of ways to make a paper airplane.
  2. Problem solve ways to make planes fly in different heights and speeds.
  3. They will understand the relationship of their bodies, the paper, and their environment.