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You Can Schedule a Tour Today!

Private Tour

First, apply online. Then, call us at 415-703-1277 or click the button below to schedule a private interview and tour.

Public Tour

You can also sign-up for a Public Group Tour and visit a C5 center in person. No online application is necessary.

Virtual Tour

Or, you can take a virtual tour of two of our centers from the comfort of your own home. 

Private Tours for Families Who Have Applied Online

Private interviews and tours regarding enrollment are scheduled for both parents in a family after applying for enrollment online. We will meet with you to exchange information and discover if there is an adequate match with your family and C5’s philosophy and practices.

Tours for Individuals and Groups for Other Than Enrollment

You may have a professional, business, or government interest in our program other than in enrolling. If so, we ask that you contact us by email to receive a Request Form that will be sent to you by return email. We are also available by phone to answer questions about touring.

We Conduct Tours for:

  • Early childhood learning and development  professionals or programs who are interested in our approach
  • Representatives of business and government agencies who are considering supporting C5 and providing access for their employees to receive a priority enrollment
  • Higher education professionals and college or university students in early childhood education or related fields who are interested in our philosophy and practices
  • Researchers who are planning or conducting research related to our program
  • Members of the media and working press who have a specific interest in C5
  • Grants and funding representatives and private donors who are considering assistance to C5 and our work with children, families, and our community