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Your Support Provides Scholarships to Children Who Need Them Most

Why Donate to our
Nonprofit Preschool?

Help Us to Provide High Quality Learning & Development Opportunities to Children

Complete our preschool and daycare application to enroll your child at one of our San Francisco early education centers. At C5 Children’s School, we provide children and their families a safe, nurturing, and educational space to learn, grow, and thrive.

Help Us to Offer a Safe, Nurturing Environment for Children to Learn & Grow

Help Us to Remove Financial Burdens from Hard-Working Families

Your Donation
Makes a Difference

Your dollar and in-kind donations to our nonprofit preschool centers will help us continue to develop, provide, and share the high quality learning and development programs that children of all ages and all walks of life deserve.

Currently, dollar contributions online, in cash, and by check are primarily being directed to:

  • Financial aid for selected children on scholarships and their families
  • Support special areas of professional development that augment the skills and knowledge of each of our excellent staff members

We will also use donated funds to:

  • Share our experiences with others in the early childhood education field and in the community at large
  • Develop and publish a manual for all early childhood education programs on how to make learning visible to parents, families, and communities
  • Help set up websites for sharing program information
  • Conduct teacher exchanges and co-teaching mentoring experiences


  • Deducting your contributions from your taxes
  • Making modest monthly contributions
  • Having your extended family members, friends, and colleagues make contributions
  • Converting the sale of a second vehicle into a cash donation to C5
  • Making a bequest to continue C5’s services in the public interest for years to come
  • Donating in-kind items
  • Contributing your personal expertise
C5 Children’s School offers quality infant care & development programs at our locations, including the Fox Plaza Building Center.

What Others Donate

Consider these immediate and potential categories for contributing to C5 Children’s School. Help us to support low income family scholarships, staff appreciation, and enhancements to our award winning nonprofit preschool program as a model for others. Here’s what others are donating:

  • Amazon Smile purchases generate automatic percentage payments to C5*
  • Bequests established from families
  • Corporate matching C5 families’ donations to C5
  • Home fundraiser proceeds from events, such as garage sales, bake sales, and sales of equipment, tools, materials, etc.
  • Monthly sustaining donations (to meet Annual Family Obligation)
  • Loyalty card purchases with a percent return*
  • Preschool For All tuition offset turn-back
  • Raffle ticket Sales for the annual spring Festival of Learning
  • RAIG Group (C5’s Resource Acquisition and Investment Group)
  • Staff Appreciation Fund
  • Vehicle or boat donated to C5 to convert to cash*
  • Year-end donations for last minute tax credits*
  • * Others also donate in this category
  • Extended Family Members who use and appreciate Connections Website and the C5 program
  • Bequests established from friends of C5
  • Participating in the “Business Share” scholarship sponsoring
  • Participating in the “Business Share” scholarship sponsoring
  • Early Learning Scholarships for qualifying families who C5 can afford to supplement
  • Preschool for All tuition offsets for four-year-old City residents
  • Continue with sustaining donations
  • Appeal for sustaining membership
  • One-time and sustaining regular donations
  • Referred, routed, or discovered us and donate
  • Foundations
  • Government
  • Corporations