Work at C5

Now Hiring: Director of Organizational Development

We are now seeking a Director of Organizational Development to join our team. View the job description and application instructions here.

Now Hiring for Instructional and Leadership Positions at Our Centers!

We are now hiring for Preschool and Infant-Toddler teacher positions and leadership positions in our award-winning Reggio-inspired program. Join our professional staff in our modern centers, with two more opening soon, likely in the fall of 2022. 

Send your current resume and a cover letter explaining in detail why you would like to work specifically for C5 Children’s School to with “C5 Job Application” in the subject line.

C5 strives to ensure a high-quality work environment for all of its employees. We understand that employee satisfaction is closely tied to job performance and retention. Therefore, we work diligently to provide exceptional compensation and benefit programs; ongoing professional development; multiple opportunities for staff members to influence various aspects of their work and to exercise different forms of leadership; and, we provide comprehensive daily support.

Employee Benefits

A Partial Listing

  • A professional, resource-rich work environment
  • Annual individual professional development funds
  • Full health, vision, and dental insurance
  • Individual retirement plans, including employer contribution
  • Six all-staff in-service training days per year
  • Special professional development programs and conferences
  • On-site child development consultants for professional support
  • Regular all-staff, team, and center-level meetings
  • Some scholarships for children of staff
  • Individual weekly coaching and development
  • Individual regular planning time
  • Annual staff dinner celebration
  • C5 picnics, pot-lucks, and special gatherings
  • Pretax commuter benefit program
  • Eleven paid holidays per year
  • Ten paid set vacation days per year; additional for long-term staff
  • Four personal days per year
  • Twelve sick days per year
  • Special study, seminars, workshops, conferences in line with individual staff interests

Job Application Information

To apply for a position at C5 Children’s School:

  • Send a cover letter stating in detail why you wish to work specifically at C5, including a comprehensive statement of your thoughts and feelings about working at C5 in a highly professional organization inspired by best practices from around the world, with an emergent curriculum and in-depth explorations in a project-based program.
  • Send a current resume that individually lists all of your work experiences with date ranges expressed in months and days and details of your education history.
  • Provide copies of your transcripts of your college and university education that includes, highlighted, all of your coursework in early childhood education.
  • Send a list of all other early childhood related workshops, seminars, and other training events that you have completed, and identify for which ones, if any, you were a developer, planner, or trainer.
  • Complete our online survey if asked. A link will be provided.


Please Note:

A minimum educational requirement to apply for any teaching-related position at C5 is the California required 12 units in Early Childhood Education from accredited institutions. Or, comparable study and credits as verified in writing by the California Professional Development Project. Appointments with them can be made at: 415-452-5605.

The desired background is a Bachelors or Masters Degree and two or more years of successful experience in an early childhood learning and development center environment. Also desired is that all applicants for an instructional staff position have completed an infant-toddler course from an accredited institution. New instructional staff without this course will be required to enroll in such a course upon hiring and complete it within the first nine months of employment.

We require completion of the infant-toddler course, because we believe in the benefits of continuity of relationship and move primary teachers with the children in their learning group whenever it is possible and feasible and a change in classrooms is desired. So, no matter where a teacher starts working at C5, they will generally move with children through their years at C5, and when the children go on to kindergarten, the teachers cycle back to work with a younger group. We have found that tremendously beneficial insights, skills, and knowledge are gained by this process of work with all ages of children and are available to be applied to work with new children, learning groups, parents, and colleagues.

Sending Your Application

You may send your letter and resume by either:


U.S. Mail:

C5 Children’s School

455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 2400

San Francisco CA 94102




Deliver them in-person to the C5 main office. An appointment must be made before you can meet with any staff member.

C5 Children’s School

455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 2400

San Francisco CA 94102

Visiting Our Main Offices

Our main offices are located in the Civic Center of San Francisco in the Hiram Johnson State Office Building. Our building is in the Ronald M. George State Building Complex that spans the entire block on Golden Gate Avenue between Larkin Street and Polk Street. The entrance is in the middle of the block under a high overhang with the letters STATE OF CALIFORNIA above the doors. There is security screening to enter the building that is comparable to screening for courtrooms and airports.

Off-street paid parking is located across McAllister Avenue in the underground Civic Center Plaza parking garage that is beneath the park in front of City Hall. Another parking facility is above ground in the Hastings Law School garage that is open to the public and located on Larkin Street between McAllister and Golden Gate Avenue.

Potential Position Openings

We would start you, once hired as a new employee, in a position where we have an opening; and, when possible, with some consideration for where you might be most comfortable. Then, very likely over time, you will move through the program and learn to work well with our close support with all age groups. You will then be better able to bring your acquired insights and skills to any new learning group.

We are continually exploring the possibility of hiring talented, experienced, and enthusiastic candidates for instructional positions. We suggest that you contact us even before an opening is currently available to explore the possibility of a strong match between our award winning program and your interests, skills, experience, and career goals. If we discover a match, you could continue on your current path until an opening does occur, and we could then immediately hire you and bring you on board. 

Meanwhile, consider these positions and contact us to begin the process:

  1. Infant—Toddler Teacher
  2. Preschool—Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
  3. Leadership: Head Teacher, Site Supervisor, Center Director
  4. Support Staff: When program conditions require for: Kitchen-Housekeeping, Office Management, Receptionist