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C5 Children’s School’s Connections
is a Private, Secure Website for Enrolled Families and Staff

It is also made available to your extended family members anywhere in the world, whom you allow to have access. It is also for select early childhood professionals who want to know how we have developed and use our website as a comprehensive information exchange with children, parents, family members, and staff.

Every element on the Website is interactive, so there are frequent comments, dialogues, likes, and surveys for scheduling or opinion gathering. A few of the many features on the site are:

Classrooms – Nine classroom forums. Each with:

  • Daily Stories & Pictures A description of what is happening in the classroom every day and usually 10-20 photos of children working, playing, sleeping and eating.  Each photo has a place for teacher annotation and family comments. Families can easily download any photo or the entire Daily Story gallery of photos.
  • Weekly Plans that are flexible, based on an emergent curriculum, with an idea of what might happen in the classroom each day and suggestions for what parents can do each day to support it.
  • A Flow of the Day showing what generally happens throughout the day in each classroom, so families can know and plan how to interact any time that they wish.
  • News & Notes are posted by teachers, parents, and family members.
  • Explorations and Projects that are currently underway and an historical record of past activities.
  • Parent Comments are possible on every element of the private website and found in most areas, where dialogues often sprout up.

A Home-School Journal Your private forum to communicate important information between your family and your child’s Primary Teacher. It includes portfolio postings for your child and individualized announcements, assessment information, and schedule coordinating.

Announcements The most recent messages of importance to the whole enrolled community and an archive of past announcements reaching back several years.

General Info Most of the information that parents and family members Mobile Graphic Site Mapwant to know. It is up to date and easily accessible by category. Some are: C5 Special Programs; C5 Philosophy and Practice Resources; Health & Safety; Food at C5 Centers; Transitions; Fundraising and Donations; Staff Meeting Agendas and Professional Development Activities; Board of Directors Meeting Agendas and Minutes; Areas of Parent Participation; Learning Areas in the Classroom and Program; C5 Staff and Consultants Listing with Bios; and Need-based Scholarship Information.

Calendar A downloadable Google interactive calendar with all of the program events and details about each.

Helpful Links Connecting the user to other websites that C5 recommends.

Additional Resources More areas of information on the Connections website that will be useful for enrolled families.

A Member List Showing all of the C5 community members who are enrolled in the program and contact information that each one wants to make available.

Your Profile You can easily modify your online profile at any time and subscribe to receive notices when posts are made to your favorite areas of the site.

Our Caterer Chefables was founded and operated by an executive chef who daily provides high quality food with his professional staff that is mostly organic, locally sourced, and cooked from scratch. They have a full-time baker and dietician. Monthly menus and newsletters are posted on Connections. Learn more about them at

Parent-Family Handbook The extensive manual for how the program works that is part of the enrollment contract for parents to understand and agree to before enrolling.

Add an Extended Family Member Provides quick access any time to an online request form to allow one or more extended family members to be able to use the site and follow what is happening daily with their grandchild, niece, nephew, or younger brother or sister.

Search and Select Find any information you want and select for most recent posts or a category of information.