C5 Hosts Music Together Teacher Training

C5 will host the internationally acclaimed Music Together three day teacher training for the Bay Region at the end of January. We will also put four of our musically competent teachers into the comprehensive training. That will result in our having nine in-house music teachers trained by Music Together.

The training lasts 27 hours over three days, January 29-31, 2016.

Participants will discover a new way of thinking about and relating to children and music. They can expect to:

  • Learn the four points of the Music Together philosophy and how early childhood research supports their curriculum
  • Observe three full-length demonstration classes, complete with parents and children, taught by experienced trainers
  • Learn a new repertoire, including songs, rhythmic rhymes, instrument and prop activities, and movement activities
  • Practice leading song and movement activities
  • Learn about children’s tonal and rhythm development and how to support the young child’s musical growth
  • Learn lesson-planning and classroom management strategies
  • Learn how to assess children’s music development, and communicate this information to parents and caregivers
  • Receive the trainer’s personal attention, coaching, and feedback
  • Meet and have fun with others who love children and music

C5 has hosted many training sessions for the San Francisco Bay Area teachers. The Songs & Skills sessions lasted one full day and covered 1) all of the songs in the current collection, led by a master teacher from Music Together, and 2) concepts and skill development in working with groups of children and their parents.

The other Three Day Teacher Training sessions that we have hosted have also helped music programs in the area to prepare their teachers for wok in their programs open to the public. Many families who have enrolled in our full-day, full-year early learning and development program have already taken the Music Together program in public. Then, they continue to get the full, three collections per year program at C5 as part of tuition.

There is more information on the Music Together website.