Alternatives to Celebrating Holidays are Powerful at C5!

We enthusiastically encourage families to fully embrace holidays that are meaningful to them outside of our program and facilities.

Within the program, it is difficult to equitably treat each holiday that families might want to acknowledge. Our initial research showed over 3,000 special days, events, and holidays.

However, we do celebrate each child’s birthday and key milestones and endings of projects and significant explorations. Those events usually include special planning, presentations, displays, demonstrations, decorations, food, music, singing, parents, visitors, and extended family members.

In addition, many of our other special events include celebrations and are part of our annual program, such as: Summer Book & Box; Winter Cultural Highlights; Fall Family Festival; Festival of Learning Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Exhibits, Public Demonstrations, and Gala Evening Party; Family Food Experiences, Potlucks; and, Costume Days.

We hope that your holidays are full, frequent, and rewarding!