What C5 Can Do for SF Parents and Families

Infant Childcare in San Francisco, CA - C5 Children's School
Parents and Extended Family Members,

You can feel safe and secure in knowing that your child will be in one of the highest quality, safest, most secure, family-interactive, and parent-supported programs anywhere. You can be confident that we will answer any questions that you might have about our program and outline the benefits that can accrue to your child and family.

You will discover at C5 Children’s School:

Your child will experience exceptionally high quality learning and development. Compare us in detail to other programs.

For example, WestEd and the California Department of Education film interactions at C5 that they say they cannot get anywhere else in order to use them in training for California teachers and programs. Talk to us in detail about why this is so and how your child will benefit. Learn about how other parents have experienced our program.


You will have extensive information in a variety of ways about your child and her or his learning and development and about what happens in the program.

For example, when you are enrolled, you have access to our world famous private, secure website, Connections, that has a wealth of information about the program and your child’s classroom activities on a daily basis. There are also available daily interpersonal discussion, notes, phone, and electronic communications.


You and your immediate and extended family will be involved in fascinating ways in supporting your child’s learning and in enjoying many aspects of the program yourselves.

For example, you can give your extended family members access to our private website, and there are at least 60 different ways that you and your family can interact with the program.



You will flow in smoothly each day with special access into our unusually secure and aesthetic facilities.

For example, there are video cameras throughout the public spaces, uniformed building entrance screening officers, and sworn, armed officers at both centers: California Highway Patrol Officers at our CA State Building Center and San Francisco County Sheriffs at our SF City Building Center. The entrances to our centers are also locked, requiring your electronic ID key card access. See our outdoor play areas with fruit, vegetable, and flower gardening that children help tend.

You can expect your child to meet and exceed the typical standards for entering kindergarten.

He or she will also have become a powerful independent learner and effective group member, with strong self-confidence, exceptional self-sufficiency, and high self-esteem.

More information on family participation in our program is available here.

You are also welcome to contact us to discuss your child and family and details of our program. Main Office: 415-703-1277.

Our infants are building a strong foundation for early literacy skills at a young age.  The very basics are being practiced throughout the day: holding a book, turning its pages, and watching their teachers reading from left-to-right.  They are beginning to understand how books “work,” how they connect the reader, and how they relate to the listener when read out loud.  When a book is read to them, the infants are developing the cognitive skills required to connect sounds into words and words into meaning.  When they listen to the reader’s changing tone, rhythm patterns, voice inflection, and repeating phrasing, they are learning how language is formed and an essential element of communication.  Infants who are exposed to books, reading, and story-telling at an early age are more likely to develop strong communication skills and a love of books as they get older.  Learn more about our Infant Program.