Continuous Enrollment

C5 Children’s School enrolls new children whenever openings occur throughout the year.

Most Openings

The majority of our openings occur in the summer when our oldest children leave for kindergarten and first grade. Otherwise, we experience openings throughout the year when families make living and work changes and when children transition to older classrooms creating openings for younger children.

Most Applicants

Our largest group of applicants is families planning for or having infants. The next largest group is families who have young toddlers. The next group is families with toddlers; followed by families with preschool aged children.

We Will Assist You

So, we invite you to apply online and contact us to explore how our rich, nurturing infant-toddler program with expert staff will accommodate you and your family planning and your child. Or if you have an older child, we can help you to understand how important it is for your child to be with seasoned professionals and powerful learning groups in facilitating the building of social and emotional skills, inquiry strategies, facility with a wide range of materials, processes, tools, and technologies, and support for her or his unique learning style and preferences. See the description for our Preschool Program.

Next Step

An online application and payment process is available by clicking here: Application Online

If you have any questions about our openings or our admissions process, please contact us today!