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At C5 Children’s School, we believe that family participation is very important. We have over 59 different ways that families interact with the program. They all involve communication of one form or another. A full listing is available on our Private Website, Connections. A few of the primary ones used most often are:

Daily Record – Parents fill out essential information for infants and young toddlers about how their child was before coming in the morning. Staff members continue recording throughout the day, and return the record to the parents at pick-up time.

Private Website – Connections – A wealth of information about the program is accessible by all enrolled families. You can join others in your child’s classroom and beyond in reading, posting, and interactively discussing.

Daily Stories – On the Private Website, featuring a description of what happened in the day and pictures to view before pick-up time and wit your child at home in the evening.

Weekly Plans – On the Private Website for each classroom and learning group.

Hand-written notes – Whenever desired to augment the several other forms of communicating.

Home-School Journal – On the website, as a private channel for communicating with your child’s primary teacher.

Phone Calls – Any time you wish to get or give information and initiate contact about special issues, injuries, illness, and events.

Text Messaging – Any time you wish to get or give information.

Email – Parents receive broadcast emails with announcements that are especially important to the entire school community.

Discussion at Drop-Off and Pick-Up – A daily means of exchanging important brief information

Ad Hoc Parent Conferences – You can request a conference at any time, and your child’s primary teacher or a teaching team member in your child’s classroom or an administrator will meet with you if they can free up.

Regularly scheduled Parent Conferences – They attend conferences whenever transitions occur; when family goals and objectives for their child are being gathered at the beginning of the year; when assessments are reported mid-year; when a summary of learning and development is reported in the spring; and, whenever they request one with their child’s Primary Teacher

Daily Health Check – Conducted upon entry every day to check the health and disposition of your child.

Parent Groups Plan Field Trips – Parents plan in collaboration with the teachers outside experiences for children’s learning groups in line with their explorations or projects.

Documentation of Children’s Work – Is reviewed by families and discussed as much as desired with staff members. Many parents and family members help with written, graphic, audio, photos, and video of children’s work.

Fall Classroom Parent Group Meetings – All of the parents in each classroom meet as a group with their children’s teaching team for the first of the school year orientation to C5 philosophy and practices and lots of questions and answers.

Music Together – For a half an hour once a week in each learning group, joyful music and movement from one of three Music Together collections a year out of the nine total, from the world famous Music Together program; families receive CDs and song books with elaborate support materials and can join in the weekly sessions in school and quarterly singalongs.

Fall Family Festival – Socializing among families and staff at the annual festival that parents plan and produce. It usually also includes a large potluck and a wide range of activities, displays, singing.

Family Pictures – Photos in the classroom and cubbies or lockers from your family of the whole family and one of each parent.

Family-to-Family – As a new family, you can be matched up with an experienced C5 family, a “Buddy Family,” to help you in getting acquainted with the other children, families, C5 staff, facilities, and procedures of the program.

Forums – You may attend meetings on various topics of child development and learning and other interests and concerns.

Handouts – C5 provides various information materials in the reception area and classrooms.

C5 Philosophy and Practices – There is extensive information on the private website, Connections.

Head Parents – These individuals welcome you as a new family to the Learning Group and classroom, write and post monthly newsletters on the Private Website for their learning group, and coordinate meetings, communications, and contributions among parents of their Learning Group to support the teacher and classroom, and serve on the School Support Committee.

Specialists – You may confer with C5 staff and experts consulting with C5 on special issues regarding your child.

Summer Book & Box Project – You and our family share items and experiences from your summer with your child’s learning group in the first few weeks of the new school year.

Survey of Parents – You will respond to various surveys or polls that staff and other parents initiate.

Team Structure and Operations – You may interact with your child’s Primary Teacher and Teaching Team and he Support Staff and Administration.

Transitions of Your Child – There is extensive information about how you and others can be active and supportive during all transitions that include entering the program, transitioning between classrooms, and leaving the program.

Visiting Parents’ Workplaces – You can participate in planning for your child and his or her learning group to visit parent work places.

Welcoming Breakfasts – Conducted at the beginning of the year for parents by some classrooms.

Winter Cultural Highlights – Your family, other families, and all staff members will share examples of current family culture and/or heritage that may include pictures, stories, food, clothing, dance, music, artifacts, rituals, traditions, special activities, and personal accounts from any immediate or extended family member.

Wish Lists – You can help to create a list and assist in the effort to bring in all sorts of items, including books, that support your child’s classroom and activities.

Workshops and Seminars – You can participate in presenting C5’s program to various groups and attend C5 sponsored and other workshops and seminars that are relevant to your interests and your child’s.

To learn more about how C5 stays connected with both our students and their families, please contact us today.