About Us

Progressive Preschool Programs in San Francisco, CA - C5 Children's School
Our Name and Logo

We changed our name in 2005 from Civic Center Child Care Corporation to its official, legal name of C5 Children’s School. Our logo was selected from work done by two-year-old Miriam during her learning group’s ocean project.


C5 Children’s School has been an independent Not-for-Profit Public Interest organization since 1985. Read more to learn about the history of our renowned toddler programs and infant development programs.

Staff Directory

We have approximately 40 staff members working at our two centers and special consultants and services to our program.

Board of Directors

C5 has provision for 14 members of our Board of Directors.

Questions & Answers

We provide questions that we frequently hear and supply answers to help you in understanding our childhood development programs.


C5 attracts highly talented, thoroughly schooled, and experienced staff members in every position in instructional and support roles. If you’d like a career at a leading private preschool in San Francisco, CA, contact C5 today!

Contact Us

We invite you to contact us for more information and to pursue enrollment, tours, attend special events, and offer information that might be helpful to you.