Current Focus – Exploring Environments

developing independent learning skills by exploring environments

The infants explore in their own time and in their own way, developing optimal sensory impressions through rich and various experiences in the basic five senses, plus others, including touching, seeing, hearing, tasting, listening, and sensing their bodies and musculature. Various mini environments are in the Infant Classroom, including the tent box, pictured here; tunnels; soft multi-level landscapes; futons; and, the nap room. Because infants are already taking in and processing a tremendous amount of stimuli, we support them in initiating and following their own interests in the environment and the elements in it. This approach allows them to develop optimally, establishing their own basis for taking the next step, without sensory overload, and progressing at a pace determined by their own internal readiness. As a result, as they become toddlers, we notice that they are stronger, more flexible, more coordinated, and better explorers of their environments. Learn more about our Infant Program.