CA State Building Center

The playground areas at both centers are exclusive, open-air, dedicated spaces just for C5 children, staff, and families. Children go outside regularly, approximately twice a day. On special occasions, the older children from both centers can go, with special safety measures and chaperones, to the Civic Center Park in front of City Hall, just across the street.

There are also other indoor play areas where children can go for special events when it is raining or to gain new perspectives. At our San Francisco City Building Center, there are our Activity Rooms on each floor, spacious hallways outside of the classrooms, our Commons Area in the center of our center’s first floor, and the Gathering Space on our center’s second floor. At our California State Building Center, there is our large mezzanine in front of our main office, the Great Hall in the center of the building, and the eight large training rooms and an auditorium in the state-of-the-art conference center on the lower level of our building.

At Our California State Building Center

The outdoor playground area is located on the same level as the C5 Children’s School classrooms and is open to the air and sun and bordered on one side by the building cafeteria with large floor to ceiling windows and on the other three sides by the building offices. It has a large outdoor storage building for each classroom. All of the children have choices of a wide range of: exploration and play items; materials; equipment; large fruit trees; bamboo plants; small vegetable, herb, and flowering plants; a sand box area; large wagons and trucks; a special garden area; a large climbing structure; and, a soft decking surface throughout.

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