We have exceptionally well schooled, trained, and experienced staff members and auxillary consultants.

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Administrative Staff

Bev Melugin, Executive Director
Joe Wiseman, Director of Learning
Mary Loyola-Salcedo, CA State Building Center Director
Roxanne Resuma, SF City Building Center Site Supervisor
Angela Dent, C5 Main Office Manager
Maria Radford, SF City Building Center Office Manager

SF City Building Center

Joe Wiseman, Center Director
Roxanne Resuma, Site Supervisor
Nicole Tu, Infant-Toddler Teacher
Stacey Cheung, Infant-Toddler Teacher
Lisa Park, Infant-Toddler Teacher
Marilyn Garcia, Infant-Toddler Teacher
Yixue Mei, Infant-Toddler Teacher
Tracy Ling, Infant-Toddler Teacher
Nicole Lew, Infant-Toddler Teacher
Roxana Morales, Infant-Toddler Teacher
Sophia Belbis, Infant-Toddler Teacher
Amy Lee, Infant-Toddler Teacher
Erin Farris, Preschool Teacher
Sheran Lo, Preschool Teacher
Isabella Hill, Preschool Teacher
Mitch Pan, Preschool Teacher
Malia Ng, Kitchen, Housekeeping

CA State Building Center

Mary Loyola-Salcedo, Center Director
Linda Delgado, Head Preschool Teacher
Isah Imperial, Toddler Teacher
Jennifer Santos, Toddler Teacher
Sally Malave, Toddler Teacher
Liza Mojica, Toddler Teacher
Lindsey Loving, Toddler Teacher
Tiffany Taylor, Toddler Teacher
Riley Graham, Preschool Teacher
Jane Sheng, Preschool Teacher
Steven Kong, Preschool Teacher
Selene Mendoza, Preschool Teacher
Barbara Gallios, Preschool Teacher
Josh Berkowitz, Preschool Teacher
Roos Lumempouw, Kitchen, Housekeeping

Non-Staff Consultants

Here are some other marvelous people who work closely with C5 and are not on our regular staff:

Hearst Media Group—Is helping us to develop and manage our Public Website and media exposure since January 2015.

S-Cubed Corporation—Has provided technology support to C5 since July 2013. They are now taking over maintenance and upgrades of our private Website, Connections, since January 2015. Don Salcedo is our new Webmaster.

Michelle Kemper Verplaetse—Michelle has over 12 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist. In Boston, where she began her career, Michelle worked with school-aged children at a sensory integration clinic and at Judge Baker Children’s Center. Since relocating to the Bay Area in 2004 she has enjoyed working primarily in early intervention and early childhood settings. She currently works part time at Children’s Health Council in Palo Alto and provides Early Start Services in San Francisco. In addition, she is a consultant to the San Francisco Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools. Her specialties include motor coordination disorders, sensory processing, learning differences, executive functioning, and feeding challenges. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, kindergartner, and dog.

Beverly A. Melugin

Beverly A. Melugin Executive Director
At C5 since 2002 and a member of the C5 Board of Directors

Roxanne Resuma

Roxanne Resuma SF City Building Center Site Supervisor
Roxy has been with C5 since 2009

Mary Loyola-Salcedo

Mary Loyola-Salcedo Center Director - CA State Building Center
Mary has worked with C5 since 2003

Joe Wiseman

Joe Wiseman Director of Learning and SF City Building Center Director
At C5 since 2003