Our Name and Logo

Our Name and Logo

Our name is C5 Children’s School. It applies to both of our centers, the SF City Building Center and the CA State Building Center.

Many people have been calling us C5, as a nickname, since 1985 when we began as Civic Center Child Care Corporation. Apparently, few people wanted to say the entire name when talking about us or to us. So, the nickname stuck.

In 2002, we started a significant transformation in our program at both of our centers. We took the first steps in converting our program from simply child care into a rich, comprehensive learning and development program with a continuing emphasis on high quality care and nurturing of children. We studied and included many best practices and highly revered influences from around the world.

At the same time, we began to consider a name for our program that better represented what we were doing and what children and families were receiving as a result of our new emphasis and actual evolution to a new program.

In the re-naming process, we included alumni and currently enrolled parents, family members, and children; as well as educational colleagues, marketing experts, neighbors and community members; and, other friends of C5.

We finally chose name C5 Children’s School, because it represented to most of the name developers that we had become more a school than simply child care. Children are our primary and central priority and focus, so the word ‘Children’ was an essential part of our new name. There was also a desire to de-emphasize that we are a corporation, even though we are chartered as a not-for-profit serving the public interest, and instead for us to feature our main offerings of “Children” and “School” in our name. We dropped the “Civic Center” from our name, because, although we were based in the Civic Center of San Francisco, we were serving and would continue to serve children and families outside of the area.

And, finally, because we were so well know by our nickname of C5, we kept it as the familiar first part of our new name to maintain continuity and to represent in composite form the five elements in our old name.

Our Jellyperson logo was drawn by a three year-old child at C5 as part of her interest in sea creatures during an ocean project that the children chose to study and represent in various media.

They worked on the project each day for weeks; created a 6x12 foot three-dimensional mural of the ocean replete with creatures and water levels; discovered the abyss; studied dozens of ocean animals and learned their names; and, had visitors to the classroom with their full equipment, including an open water swimmer, a surfer, and a dry-suit scuba diver. The children drew many of the sea creatures, constructed prototype jellyfish and other animals from various materials, and made a 6x6 foot multimedia “thank you” collage of the ocean for the visitors that included many of the elements that they learned over the previous few weeks and representations of the visitors to the classroom in it.

We see the logo as indicative of the power of children’s ability to explore and express themselves in great depth and breadth and in ways that can often exceed adult expectations.

The logo also conveys our respect for the wide range of diversity of the children and families in our infant—toddler—preschool program. It also represents our roots in the San Francisco Bay area, including all of the maritime elements!

We believe that there is no better way to simply and powerfully represent C5 Children’s School.

C5 uses the Jellyperson log on all of our official business and program communications and on clothing and other products that are available for purchase by families and friends of C5 in support of our vision, values, and goals for optimal learning and development for children, families, community members, and early childhood professionals everywhere.