Donate Funds

C5 welcomes online, cash, and check donations to help make our exceptional program a truly great one. Most all of the donations that we receive go directly to scholarships for children and to staff development for specially dedicated teachers. See the online contribution options below.

Your donations help us to continue to expand the sharing of our program with other early childhood education programs who are serving low income families in the area. A couple of examples are sharing staff training sessions and collaborating on exhibits of children’s work, especially during our annual spring Festival of Learning.

We would also like to publish a manual on how to make learning visible to parents, families, and communities; to help set up Websites for sharing program information; and, to conduct teacher exchanges and co-teaching mentoring experiences.

You are invited to make a significant donation to support these initiatives; or make a modest monthly contribution; or convert the sale of a second vehicle into a cash donation to C5; or, consider another form of contribution, such as in-kind items or sharing your personal expertise.

Extended family members of enrolled C5 children can consider making a monthly contribution in recognition of having access to the C5 Private Website, Connections. It has an extensive array of information, including access to all of the learning groups’ Daily Stories and accompanying pictures, project forums, Weekly Plans, Head Parents’ newsletters, user and teacher initiated surveys, community-wide announcements, and much more.

If you have any questions about donating, simply click here Contact Us to start a discussion, or call or Main Office number, 415-703-1277.