C5 Instructional Staff Takes World Famous Course

All of our instructional staff will take the comprehensive 18 week online course offered by world famous Program for Infant-Toddler Care (PITC). It is a collaboration of WestEd and the California Department of Education. It includes extensive online interactions and discussions, in-depth reading, embedded practice in classrooms, and video conferencing.

One half of our 32 member teaching staff is in the cohort now taking the fall session. The other half will join the cohort taking the winter session.

Course topics include an exploration of the different temperament types; stages of social-emotional development; development of self-esteem, security, and social competence; socialization and guidance; program policies that best support healthy social-emotional development; learning, culture, and families; early brain development and learning; discoveries of infancy; culture; partnerships with families; and, working with children with special needs.

Our Center Directors and Site Supervisor have taken the 18 week PITC Train the Trainer courses in Berkeley and San Diego. Two have also completed additional training at PITC Directors Academy conferences and conducted in-house PITC-related training for the entire C5 staff. Our Director of Learning has also taken the basic and advanced training on programming for and work with Special Needs children and families.