We have exceptionally well schooled, trained, and experienced staff members and auxiliary consultants.

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Instructional Staff

Our staff at both of our centers are highly trained, exceptionally experienced, and hold high level permits in Early Childhood Education from the California Department of Education. They also receive ongoing in-depth training and coaching in C5’s philosophy and practices and related concepts. They all attend special conferences, workshops, and seminars to increase their skills and understanding.

At our SF City Building Center, we have 17 teaching staff members.

At our CA State Building Center, we have 14 teaching staff members.

Administrative Staff
Beverly A. Melugin

Executive Director
At C5 since 2002 & member of C5 Board of Directors

Roxy_Resuma_100_100_all_5Roxanne Resuma

SF City Building Center Site Supervisor
At C5 since 2010

Mary_Loyola_100_100_all_5Mary Loyola-Salcedo

Center Director – CA State Building Center
At C5 since 2003

Joe_Wiseman_100_100_all_5Joe Wiseman

Director of Learning and SF City Building Center Director
At C5 since 2003


Angela Dent

C5 Main Office Manager

Maria Radford

SF City Building Center Office Manager

Marco Bassig

Administrative Assistant

Support Staff

We have seasoned staff members in all support positions. Our office managers and assistants are skilled in many areas. They include accounting, communications, client relations, planning, resource acquisition, supporting the instructional program, and general management practices. Our kitchen and housekeeping staff are skilled in facility maintenance and food handling. They are also trained by and certified by the San Francisco Health Department.

Non-Staff Consultants

Here are some other marvelous people who work closely with C5 and are not on our regular staff:

Hearst Media Group — Is helping us to develop and manage our Public Website and media exposure since January 2015.

S-Cubed Corporation — Has provided technology support to C5 since July 2013. They are now taking over maintenance and upgrades of our private website, Connections, since January 2015. Don Salcedo is our new Webmaster.

Consulting Occupational Therapist — Our support person in this area has over 12 years of experience and specializes in early childhood assessments and interventions. She also provides services to the Children’s Health Council in Palo Alto, Early Head Start in San Francisco, and the San Francisco Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools.

Kathy Wharton — She has been our program seamstress for over six years. Kathy has helped us with table cloths for the children’s dining tables, pillow covers, projection screens, divider panels, scarves for music and movement, dramatic play costumes, and a wealth of other items. And, she continues with great spirit and skill to provide us with whatever is required and desired in the program.